The Easy Way to Send Emails from WordPress

Is your WordPress site not sending emails? Are your WordPress emails going to spam? Fix these problems instantly with Easy Email. It only takes a few minutes to set up and there's no complicated settings to worry about—simply install the plugin and connect your site to Easy Email.

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Fix WordPress Emails Not Sending

Easy Email uses a highly optimized and dedicated email servers to send your website's emails ensuring that they always make it to the inbox.

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Fix WordPress Emails Going to Spam

Tired of users complaining that they didn't receive a password reset email, order notification, or other important message from your WordPress site because it went to spam? Easy Email solves this by sending emails through reputable and trusted email servers to ensure your emails never end up in spam.

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Fast Easy Set Up

With Easy Email there's no complicated or confusing settings to configure. You don't need to know how to set up an SMTP account and connect it to your site. Just install the Easy Email plugin and connect your site to your Easy Email account.

Three Easy Steps to Get Started with Easy Email

Follow these simple steps to fix WordPress not sending emails fast.

  1. Sign up for an Easy Email account. It's free to get started.
  2. Install the Easy Email plugin on your WordPress site.
  3. Connect your site to your Easy Email account.

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